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(Burns it all the fuck down)

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Too bad he can’t catch not being an asshole.


sorry white people but if you dont support mike brown & the people of fergusons’ protests in 2014 you probably wouldnt have supported abolition in the 1800s or civil rights movements in the 1960s & having the ability to recognize something as morally justified in hindsight something that has already been accepted by the mainstream as morally justified is nice for u but on all practical levels useless to everyone else 

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I’m not some kind of fancy ass legal genius, but I’m pretty sure the fact that 98% of the men’s socks at Walmart were only available in size 6-12 could lead to a discrimination lawsuit that will end with me being given $48, 000, 000 for emotional distress.

I’m a size 14, you sons of bitches, and I am so goddamn beautiful.



an ideal date would be eating takeout dinner in our pjs while watching Netflix and you play with my hair

yall literally have the lowest standards in the history of the universe and there are animals that accept urine as a mating gift

Jesus fucking Christ. I roll my eyes at things like that OP all the time, and even I thought twas a little harsh.

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